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(summarized  biography) 
Allama Syed Fida Hussain Bukhari was born in Pakistan.  After finishing his secondary education he went to College and done an Electrical Diploma.  After completing his college education he decided to become a Minister of Religion.  In Iran he completed his studies at the hands of various Grand Ayatollahs, and became an Islamic Scholar.  He studied Darse-E-Kharij, Ilmei Kalam and Falsafa  in Islamic university of Qom.  His also studied  Ilmei Fiqh from Ayatollah Maqaram Sherazi,  Ilmei Asool from Ayatollah Jafar Subhanei, and Tafseer E Quran from
Ayatollah Javadiul Amalei.    After completing his studies he went to Pakistan.  In Pakistan he was an editor of Quranic magazine Almiezan.  Currently Allama Syed Fida Hussain Bukhari is living in the UK.  In the United Kingdom he has given various lectures and Majalis in different towns.  He has also given speeches and lectures on different TV channels and Radio stations.  Allama Syed Fida Hussain bukhari has also written many articles on various Islamic topics which were published in Al muntazar, Islam or Zindagei and Safeena-e-Nijaat Magazine.  His articles were also published in the Jang newspaper.  

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